Part 1: The Top 10 Current Market Trends

The global pandemic crisis is finally nearing an end. As companies are reopening or have recently done so, many businesses who were forced to let employees go during the height of the crisis are now struggling to locate top talent for their open positions. This multi-part blog series will outline the 10 top market trends currently relating to recruitment along with ways to overcome them. Let’s begin with number 1.

1. Struggles to Find the Right Recruitment Agency

Many organizations are struggling to find the right recruiter or recruitment agency to fit their needs and support their headcount. Choosing an RPO partner requires taking the time to establish a relationship and ensure that the RPO has expertise and knowledge in your specific industry, knows what technology is necessary for your open roles, and is familiar with the traits that are “make or break” when it comes to careers in your field.

You may be looking for a one-time expansion of your workforce, or you may require a steady stream of new talent. Depending on your situation, your RPO approach, and potentially even the provider, will differ. The right RPO agency will assign you recruiters who embed themselves into your organization in order to fully understand and grasp exactly what your individual needs are and what your available roles will require from a top tier candidate. 

Case Study Example

To give you a real-world successful RPO example, here at Coit – A Hudson RPO Company, we encountered a client who was initially looking to hire a handful of top strategic executives. To accomplish this, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, an industry leader in corporate commuter programs, charters, and event logistics solutions, turned to our Targeted Placements solution. 

We found the “best of the best”, according to Bauer’s founder Gary Bauer, and even placed their newest President. Bauer’s then decided to trust us with filling 90% of their sales, managerial, and administrative staff, despite having real concerns about the costs of recruiting on such a scale. 

Working with our team of experts at Coit – A Hudson RPO Company, Bauer’s didn’t need to invest in additional full-time recruiters or pay massive commissions of 20-30% or more per hire. Instead, for a flat fee, Bauer’s unlocked unlimited access to the full power of our recruitment resources, expertise, and solutions. The turnkey simplicity of our solutions gave Bauer’s a full suite of recruitment services, including creating and executing the whole interview process, benchmarking market-appropriate compensation standards, and even managing the process of offer negotiation and tendering. 

Bauer’s enjoyed the control of the on-demand accountability, as well as our transparent and cooperative management. And the results came rolling in. We slashed Bauer’s time-to-hire by 50%, increased their hiring velocity by 200%, and reduced their cost-per-hire by 85% over internal recruiting. Bauer’s forecasts an additional $3.6 million in annual revenue thanks to our hires, and are now in a position of strength to grow and expand. We are proud to have helped Bauer’s look forward to miles of open road ahead!

Case Study Quick Overview

Client challenge:

  • Insufficient staff to capture potential revenue
  • Cost/scalability of recruitment solutions
  • Hiring velocity

Results after partnering with Coit – A Hudson RPO Company:

  • Slashed time-to-hire by 50%
  • Improved hiring velocity by 200%
  • Cut cost per hire by 85%

While finding the right RPO agency is a challenge for many organizations, it is worth it to achieve results like these. To read more Coit – A Hudson RPO Company success stories, download our Case Study Book.