COVID-19 Response from Coit

The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked the world. No one could have anticipated the resulting economic instability that is affecting businesses and employees around the globe. All of us here at Coit feel that it’s vital for everyone to come together and help others in this time of need. After all, our founders Tim and Joe are San Francisco natives who have always been dedicated to their community.

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That's why we are offering a complimentary search.

There are absolutely NO strings attached. We simply want to do our part in helping rebuild the country’s economy and keep our expert team active and building momentum.

We have a team of rockstar recruiters with bandwidth. They love to recruit and want to give back.

In past recessions and times of difficulty, people around the world joined together in the effort to rebuild. As Marc Andreessen says, “There is only one way to honor their legacy and to create the future we want for our own children and grandchildren, and that’s to build.” Now, it’s our turn.

As Americans, and as humans, this is our duty. The Coit team is ready to help you through these tough times with this 100% pro-bono offer.

We are here for you. If we stick together, we will get through this time of uncertainty and come out even stronger on the other side.