Case Studies


Their company grew steadily, but as online shopping exploded with the recent health crisis, Zenni found itself with an enormous hiring backlog. The recruiters they were working with were overselling and overpricing mediocre candidates and didn’t seem to care how they would fit with Zenni’s special company culture.


When they decided to try a different approach, with the RPO model, their HR department spoke to seven companies before talking to Coit and feeling that “click.” Coit was flexible, hands-on, and willing to customize their approach to fit Zenni’s individual needs. Their team embedded themselves in the company and worked closely with Zenni’s in-house recruiting team to understand the company and produce high-quality candidates that would thrive at Zenni.


With Coit, they filled their backlog in just four months, bringing in top-tier candidates to fill dozens of roles, some of which had been open for over a year. Leveraging the AI resources and trove of experience and market data Coit brings to the table, Zenni is working on improving their internal processes and building their employer brand. Their partnership with Coit has made Zenni successful in a world where competition to attract, hire, and retain qualified talent is fiercer than ever.