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Employee Spotlight: Meet Raul

As part of an ongoing series, we highlight one of our fantastic Coit team members each month. This is the crew who truly helps makes us what we are.

When it comes to recruiting, Raul Lopez Guerra is no stranger. Raul, a Senior Technical Recruiter, just celebrated his three-year anniversary with Coit, but worked for several years prior at different recruiting agencies in Silicon Valley, specializing in placements for IT companies. When he signed on with Coit, though, Raul knew he had found a different kind of workplace.

“Recruiting is usually a fairly individual effort, but the collaboration at Coit is what makes the difference,” Raul says. “We share. We ask, ‘What would you do in this situation?’ Whether you’ve been here six months or ten years, we’re always ready to serve as a resource to one another.”

According to Raul, this collaborative spirit teaches everyone never to quit, and that’s deliberate. It’s the fundamental tenant of Coit culture. “We just don’t have a culture that talks about failure as an option. We’re always focused on the fact that we’re not here to point out problems for our clients, we’re here to solve them. Instead of saying ‘Woe is me,’ we’re always focused on the next step, the things that actually make a difference for our clients.”

That freedom and confidence to boldly move forward comes all the way from the top at Coit. Raul attests that Joe and Tim are “quite gifted at coaching people.” As Raul explains, “I’ve been doing this for years now, and they’re just as good at talking to me as they are at teaching new hires.” And it’s not just business success that Joe and Tim encourage. “They really give the extra bit of effort to make sure you have everything you need to be the best person you can be.”

Working in an office full of motivated, confident, supportive people is infectious, Raul says. “We’re always asking each other for second opinions, and when you get that opinion and it matches up with your instinct, it’s the best feeling. It’s golden. You feel like you can take on the world.” Surrounded by coworkers that he describes as “funny,” “sharp,” “ambitious,” and “kind,” Raul readily admits, “it’s hard not to have a good time working with people like that.”

But after years in the recruiting industry, what does Raul think sets Coit apart? “There’s a sincerity and authenticity. We want to do right by the client.”

And when asked to describe working at Coit in a single phrase, Raul hardly misses a beat. “It’s success you can enjoy.”

Now that’s a powerful recruiting pitch.

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