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Employee Spotlight: Meet Theresa

As part of an ongoing series, we highlight one of our fantastic Coit team members each month. This is the crew who truly helps makes us what we are. 

 Like many of us (okay, all of us at one point or another), Theresa Trujillo was ready for a change. Moving back to the San Francisco Bay area from Los Angeles, Theresa was searching for a full-time position, and wanted to branch out from her previous past lives in the real estate and insurance industries. Theresa always had a knack for connecting with people and for solving problems creatively, so at a friend’s recommendation, she applied for a junior recruiter position at the Coit Group. A few weeks later, she had an offer, and she’s never looked back.

So, what was her first impression of Coit?

“Everyone, from Joe and Tim down to the junior recruits, was very nice and very helpful. It took me a while to get the hang of recruiting, but Joe still gave me lots of opportunities. They had faith in me. They never stopped having faith in me,” Theresa says.

Despite the usual growing pains associated with embarking upon a new career, Theresa found that the environment at Coit was designed to help her succeed, and was…let’s just say, unlike any other place she had ever worked.

“Coit is special because we’re more of a collaborative environment. Everyone helps each other, there’s never any fear of asking questions, getting help from the senior recruiters,” Theresa attests. “This industry tends to be cutthroat. Coit has happy hours, catered lunches, laughter, joking; it’s very different, it’s infectious.” And when you add that to the other fun goings-on that are always happening around the Coit office – trips to BottleRock and Coppola Winery, group bowling outings, and holiday scavenger hunts, to name a few – working at Coit can feel more like summer camp than hard work.

And how does Theresa feel now, after working at Coit for three years?

“I love it. I feel valued. I’m a failure-is-not-an-option type of person, and Coit senior management shares that mindset. It keeps me motivated,” she says. And that motivation has served her extremely well: Theresa is now the lead recruiter for one of Coit’s largest clients, and has successfully hired over 60 people at the company over the past three years.

But the most satisfying part of Theresa’s job at Coit has nothing to do with awesome field trips or her superstar coworkers. It has to do with results, and what they really mean for her clients.

“I came from a real estate background; I loved finding people their dream homes. In recruiting, you’re finding them their dream jobs. You’re walking them through the steps to make their lives better,” she says.

That’s recruiting in action. What could be better than that?

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